Core Values

Ensure Customer Satisfaction
We believe customer satisfaction is paramount to the longevity of our relationships. We are committed to providing unparalleled customer service by nurturing all of our relationships, both internal and external.

Maximize Profits and Morale
We believe in the importance of enhancing profits while maintaining a positive work environment. We are committed to a balanced approach to maximizing profitability and employee morale, and we believe that one cannot be achieved independent of the other.

Excellence in Work
We believe our work must be of the highest quality, executed efficiently, and exceeding customer expectations. We are committed to excellence, and we require that all employees take personal accountability for their work.

Uphold Standards of Ethics and Integrity
We believe integrity and ethics are essential characteristics that define who we are in our professional and personal lives. Without integrity and ethics, we cannot earn the trust and respect of customers, employees, colleagues, family and friends. We strive to do what we will say we will do and to be where we say we will be. We are committed to acting in accordance with accepted principals of right and wrong that govern the conduct of our profession.

Trust and Respect Each Other
We believe we must trust and respect each other. Trust is to rely on earned confidence and one’s integrity. We realize that to be respected, we must be respectful of each other. Don’t rely on past accomplishments; find new ways to earn respect each day. We are committed to creating an environment built on a solid foundation of trust, where respect is ingrained in every aspect of our interactions.

Collaborate, Communicate, and Coach
We believe in the importance of learning from each other. Our selfless desire to want others to succeed cultivates teamwork and optimizes employee morale and customer satisfaction. We are committed to collaboration of thought, open and respectful communication, and coaching others to success.

Inspire and Empower Trust
We believe that employees are our most valuable assets. The Utonomy culture promotes realization of potential and provides unlimited opportunities for growth. We are committed to inspiring and empowering talent by mentoring and encouraging career development within the company.

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