Providing the Right Balance of Services Required to Effectively Build and Manage a Reliable Financial Infrastructure

We are not a temporary staffing firm. All of our employees are permanent team members, and we can accommodate a wide range of positions from basic bookkeeper to chief financial officer as outlined below.


Passionate about the mission of the organization and committed to accomplishing organizational goals.


Able to speak in non-financial terms, translate and teach financial literacy, relate well to the board of directors and multiple stakeholders, and write and communicate well.


Flexible, thinks outside the box, figures out how to say “yes” and makes things possible.


Strategic thinker with a big-picture mentality, solid accounting skills and background, and nuts and bolts experience in the operations of a business entity.

Chief Financial Officers

Our CFO-level staff members fulfill more than just the technical accounting needs of the customers they service. To be considered a “Chief Financial Officer,” one must possess a variety of dynamic characteristics. Specific capabilities of the Utonomy CFO include:

  • Executive management and financial reporting development.
  • Financial statement preparation, analysis, presentation and interpretation.
  • Cash-flow management.
  • Management of annual budgeting process, including year-round tracking & analysis.
  • Investment activity reporting and performance benchmarking.
  • Long-range forecasting and strategic planning.
  • Internal control policy development and implementation.
  • Risk management.
  • Compliance of all governmental reporting requirements.
  • Management of year-end audit.

Senior Accountants

Our Senior Accountants provide Controller and Accounting Manager related services. They are responsible for a variety of highly technical tasks as well as management of client staff and other Utonomy staff. To be considered a Senior Accountant, one must possess high-level accounting skills, stellar interpersonal skills, and be able to “see the big picture." The Utonomy Senior Accountant is typically responsible for the following activities:

  • Monthly financial statement generation, presentation, and interpretation.
  • Liaison assistance between client executives, Chief Financial Officer, and accounting staff.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Payroll and benefits administration.
  • Annual budgeting process assistance with CFO.
  • Monthly expenditure monitoring and alignment with annual budgets.
  • Operational policy development, improvement, and implementation, such as: fiscal, personnel, travel, and internal controls.
  • Annual audit preparation and management.


Our Accountants provide comprehensive bookkeeping services and are responsible for all of the day-to-day accounting transactional functions within a company. These responsibilities include:

  • Liaison assistance between customers, vendors, and client staff.
  • Accounts payable and related disbursements.
  • Accounts receivable, receipts and collection maintenance.
  • Payroll preparation and administration, including payroll tax compliance.
  • Human resource and benefits administration, including: health insurance, workers’ compensation, and retirement plan maintenance.
  • Balance sheet account reconciliations.
  • Financial records retention and maintenance.
  • Internal control policy implementation.

Effectively Build and Manage Your Financial Infrastructure

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